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Children’s Day: Do we really observe?

Children’s day is not a single day celebration ….. Matter to think about !

Children’s Day: Do we really observe?
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Every year we celebrate children’s day on 14th November, right? What about the other 364 days? As active members of a so called civilized society, DO WE REALLY CARE ABOUT CHILDREN AROUND US?

14th November... a special day for children, we all know that. Everywhere, this day is celebrated with great pomp but I think someway or other, the actual purpose of the day is fading out with the advancement of civilization. Now a day’s children are not safe at all. The rate at which crime against children are increasing is just shocking. Let us look at the following data from government data platform………….

CRIME                                            CASES IN 2013         CASES IN 2014                   % INCREASE


Crime against children                  5,224                        89,423                                53.6%

2. Murder of children                         1,657                        1,817                                  9.7%

(excluding infanticide)

3. Infanticide                                      82                             121                                    47.6%

4. Child rape                                      12,363                      13,766                               11.3%

5. Kidnapping and                              28,167                     37,854                                34.4%


6. Procuration of                                1,224                        2,020                                  65.0%

     minor girls

Some more facts -------------------------

  1. A total of 121 ‘Infanticide’ cases were reported in the country during 2014.
  2. A total of 4,593 cases of ‘Sexual Harassment’ were reported during the year 2014.
  3. A total of 280 cases of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 were reported during the year 2014.
  4. A total of 147 cases of ‘Child labour’ (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 were reported during the year 2014
  5. A total of 8,904 cases under ‘Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act’, 2012 were reported during the year 2014.

A child is the essence of a family as well as society and not a liability

Children’s day and child labour are the two sides of a same coin now days. Poor children sometimes don’t understand the crime and its effects because most of the time I saw that the poor, illiterate child does not even know what is going on over him / her. They just  bear  with the crime.


Inspite of having so many laws under IPC and some special laws also, the real picture is as shown above. Oh my god!!!  We call ourselves human beings! We claim to be modernized, civilized, educated and so on …. do we really???

The above data shows the picture as of 2014 and it is growing. God knows how far it grew till now. Now the time has come to seriously analyze, debate, discuss at the same time to be alert and aware of such issues. Let’s take a pledge to seriously change our outlook towards children and what a better way than to commence this from  the ensuing children’s day.

Change will not occur in a day I know, but it is already late. It is not only the duty of government and police, but a combined effort is the demand of the hour.

 Today’s children are the future of India. if our future is at risk then how can a country progress?

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Children's Day, Women's Day, or any other day for that matter, will all appear meaningless if we will consider them in this kind of context. The irony is everywhere. Valentine's Day is being chosen by some people to beat couples. Diwali, which was supposed to bring happiness to all, now requires some people to leave their houses and go to someplace where there is no smoke so their allergic child can breathe in peace. I agree with your arguments though, that we seriously need to do some thinking and work for the welfare of the future of our country. It's great that you are trying to create awareness and forcing people to think about this problem. Wish you all the very best.


Thank you for your encouragement.I am trying my level best in ground level also.I always believe that if a child is happy, whole society will be happy because we live for our children as our parents also did. This chain of happiness will lead to social progress for sure.


I often come across the incidents where the former President of India, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam guided the school children to be focused and be the future of the country. Yes, it's quite important to have childrens' day, no doubt.


I am happy that someone like you actually bought out this point. Most important points to ponder over.


Thank you,I think a concentrated effort is needed in this regard....


We don't have Children Day in our country, Philippines but I believe Christmas Day in our country is mostly a day of the children because it is during this day that they get so much gifts and money.