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Gift Wrapping Ideas for Homemade and Organic Food Gifts

Giving homemade goodies from your kitchen as gifts and presenting them in interesting ways are reflections of your unique style. During the Christmas season we decorate our homes, entertain guests, and wrap gifts. Some people have the skill to concoct heavenly tasting goodies and enjoy giving them as gifts. However, many people also give away home-baked items at as Christmas gifts. Because of this fact you may want to make yours as unique as possible. Here are some gift-wrapping ideas:

Country Style Packaging
If you are into making jams, jellies or berry sauces, look for attractive glass jars made for jams and jellies.

These can be bought from department stores or your local cooking depot. From time to time they stock on special jars specifically for this holiday season. They are often priced the same as the plain ones. When you have filled and sealed your jars and sealed, cut squares of gingham cloth using pinking shears. Cute them in a size large enough to cover the lid, leaving a little extra inch for the sides. Fasten the gingham squares over the jar lids with an elastic band then tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar just below the lid. Make your own labels. You may use the computer to create a customized look, or simple handwrite your label using a felt pen for a more country kitchen look. Attach your greeting with homemade card.

Wraps for Organic Food Gifts
Make colored copies of botanical prints or seed packages and use this paper in place of fabric on the tops of homemade jam and jelly jars. The print you choose may relate to the ingredients of the homemade food stuff. Position the printed paper on top of the sealed jar and secure it with an elastic band. Tie a natural cord or yarn on the base of the jar cap. Make a little card on which you write the ingredients or give your food item a title, such as this: "Sweet Raspberry Topping, made with farm-grown ingredients." Punch a hole in one corner and tie it to the lid of the jar.


Gift Idea: Elegant Gourmet Gift Basket


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